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rs2::align Class Reference

#include <rs_processing.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for rs2::align:
rs2::filter rs2::processing_block rs2::filter_interface rs2::options rs2::gl::align

Public Member Functions

 align (rs2_stream align_to)
frameset process (frameset frames)
rs2::frame process (rs2::frame frame) const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from rs2::filter
rs2::frame process (rs2::frame frame) const override
 filter (std::shared_ptr< rs2_processing_block > block, int queue_size=1)
template<class S >
 filter (S processing_function, int queue_size=1)
frame_queue get_queue ()
rs2_processing_blockget () const
template<class T >
bool is () const
template<class T >
as () const
 operator bool () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from rs2::processing_block
template<class S >
void start (S on_frame)
template<class S >
S & operator>> (S &on_frame)
void invoke (frame f) const
 processing_block (std::shared_ptr< rs2_processing_block > block)
template<class S >
 processing_block (S processing_function)
 operator rs2_options * () const
rs2_processing_blockget () const
bool supports (rs2_camera_info info) const
const char * get_info (rs2_camera_info info) const
bool supports (rs2_option option) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from rs2::options
bool supports (rs2_option option) const
const char * get_option_description (rs2_option option) const
const char * get_option_name (rs2_option option) const
const char * get_option_value_description (rs2_option option, float val) const
float get_option (rs2_option option) const
option_value get_option_value (rs2_option option_id) const
option_range get_option_range (rs2_option option) const
void set_option (rs2_option option, float value) const
void set_option_value (option_value const &value) const
bool is_option_read_only (rs2_option option) const
void on_options_changed (std::function< void(const options_list &) > callback) const
std::vector< rs2_optionget_supported_options ()
options_list get_supported_option_values ()
optionsoperator= (const options &other)
 options (const options &other)
virtual ~options ()=default
- Public Member Functions inherited from rs2::filter_interface
virtual ~filter_interface ()=default

Protected Member Functions

 align (std::shared_ptr< rs2_processing_block > block)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from rs2::processing_block
void register_simple_option (rs2_option option_id, option_range range)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from rs2::options
 options (rs2_options *o=nullptr)
template<class T >
optionsoperator= (const T &dev)


class context

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from rs2::filter
frame_queue _queue
- Protected Attributes inherited from rs2::processing_block
std::shared_ptr< rs2_processing_block_block

Detailed Description

Auxiliary processing block that performs image alignment using depth data and camera calibration

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ align() [1/2]

rs2::align::align ( rs2_stream  align_to)

Create align filter Alignment is performed between a depth image and another image. To perform alignment of a depth image to the other, set the align_to parameter with the other stream type. To perform alignment of a non depth image to a depth image, set the align_to parameter to RS2_STREAM_DEPTH. Camera calibration and frame's stream type are determined on the fly, according to the first valid frameset passed to process().

[in]align_toThe stream type to which alignment should be made.

◆ align() [2/2]

rs2::align::align ( std::shared_ptr< rs2_processing_block block)

Member Function Documentation

◆ process() [1/2]

rs2::frame rs2::filter::process

Ask processing block to process the frame and poll the processed frame from internal queue

[in]on_frameframe to be processed. return processed frame

◆ process() [2/2]

frameset rs2::align::process ( frameset  frames)

Run the alignment process on the given frames to get an aligned set of frames

[in]framesA set of frames, where at least one of which is a depth frame
Input frames aligned to one another

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ context

friend class context

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